Welcome to Forty27 Studio!

Our goal here at Forty27 Studio is to provide services in wellness and confidence. We pride ourselves in having a home type atmosphere. We want all our clients, who we consider extended family, to feel as if the studio is an extension of their own sanctuaries. We provide comfort, relaxation and an understanding of ones personal need of "me time." We set out to provide many services. We go about those services by adding team members who have the same goals in mind. Drip Los Angeles is a service we provide to help our family members relax. We believe that it is vital to be able to turn off the outside world and tap into yourselves. Our infared body wraps help with releasing toxins, weight loss, strengthening the immune system, among many other things. The main goal for Drip Los Angeles is to inspire our members to take care of themselves. Whether it be overall wellness, or the need to get away and relax. The Spray Room is a service we provide that we believe helps with a member's confidence. Being from southern California, a year round tan is more of a necessity than a luxury. The Spray Room joined our family with the same mindset that Forty27 had from the get go. To help members believe in themselves. From an hour of relaxation, to a seamless tan. We believe our members should aspire to believe in themselves, not just by looking good, but feeling good. Our current goal is to extend our team and services to provide as much as we can for our members. We'd like to thank all our current members for their love and support. We also want to encourage others to join our family to begin a journey of self love and self care.